IBM Procurement Management

IBM Procurement Management

This video features IBM Application Services and CSI Piemonte and uncovers the benefits of implementing an e-procurement platform for the Piedmont regional government and for its citizens.

Voiceover: CSI-Piemonte is a public ICT Consortium working with local public administrations in order to improve services for citizens and companies.

Paola Perrone: Regional ICT companies such as CSI-Piemonte play a very important role in attaining innovation objectives from two points of view: developing the general infrastructure, for example, the very important broadband project in Piedmont, and promoting projects to transform processes and technology.

Adriano Leli: The challenge we faced was how to provide a procurement system within a very tight schedule. In fact, the Piedmont Region requested that we provide an automatic system for managing procurement within only 9 months. IBM has mainly focused on two areas of activity. On the one hand, it worked on defining the business and operational needs of the procurement platform at the territorial level. They have also worked on customized development to the platform that we and our clients requested.
Voiceover: IBM Application Services lead the design, implementation, testing, and support of the solution, helping to deliver it within CSI Piemontes timeframe.

Adriano Leli: Because of CSI-Piemontes decision to rely on the help of IBM, we were able to achieve this goal and provide the complete operability of the project within just nine months. To this day, the platform is being successfully used by more than 60 agencies of the Public Administration of Piedmont either in terms of reducing procurement times or reducing procurement costs. In fact, the use of the electronic platform to support procurement activities permits a considerable reduction in the time that it normally takes the Public Administration to purchase goods as well as services. Working with the IBM team was a fascinating experience. Everyone who participated in the work team always demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and all of them were able to succeed during very challenging times. The use of electronic bidding, a specific feature of the procurement platform that we developed with IBM, has made it possible to secure considerably higher discount levels than the Public Administration had normally been able to obtain.

Voice-over: IBMs application expertise delivered a procurement solution that reduces cost and provides transparency in government operations.

Adriano Leli: In our years of experience, we have completed over 300 bids involving approximately 130 million Euros in transactions within the system with discounts that exceed 28 percent.
Given our experience, I would work with IBM for other types of projects whether regarding procurement or other projects that the Consortium may conduct in the next few years.

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