Job: Procurement Director Midland Consultants – Athens, GA

Procurement Director
Midland Consultants – Athens, GA

Large consumer products company in the Cleveland, Ohio area is searching for a Procurement Director. The purchasing is the owner of the purchasing process. This position is focusing on the vendor negotiation strategy and its preparation, raw material market and feedstock trend analysis, internal control procedure and best price policy. The ultimate goal of the Procurement Director is to understand costing structure of the purchased material to create the best savings opportunities. Key Responsibilities: Owner and responsible for the quotation process to ensure the necessary process has been done with local purchasing team. Validate that the proper requirements have been provided to the Purchasing Team (specs/diagrams/drawings/samples) base from engineering/marketing/product managers to launch the quoting process. (Get precise quotes). Provide proper guidelines in order to prepare the negotiation strategies. Also explain the need to always have benchmarking suppliers for similar purchase requirements. Establish a Strategy Work Book to launch proper purchasing team preparation to prepare negotiation strategy. Must establish a corporate process to clarify the rules of engagement with suppliers. There is a need for product management to engage with suppliers, but it has to be in a controlled/defined fashion. Define all commercial elements (define the level of effort from the supplier & the remuneration….ex eds case. Define the needs/material requirements, terms & conditions and the timeline. Define the quality of service/product and the way to measure it (agree on kpi and the way to measure them). Identify the remedies in case of an issue (missed date, quality issue, replacement and compensation…).

Must have a Bachelors degree in finance, engineering or procurement. Must have 10-15 years experience in cost analysis, procurement and purchasing. Be assertive and have demonstrated negotiation capability. Excellent judgment. High analytical capability. Can work in a matrix organization.

Details here

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