Supplier Networks: Does Size Really Matter? | Jason Liner | SciQuest

Supplier Networks: Does Size Really Matter? | Jason Liner | SciQuest

When discussing the size of Supplier Networks, it’s important to distinguish at what point in the Source-to-Settle process you’re referring to. In the upstream sourcing process a buying organization wants to search the “universe” of relevant suppliers for inclusion in a sourcing event. In this instance, the size of the network does matter. But while some organizations simply tout the size of their network — which often includes inactive suppliers — we believe that the quality of the supplier data is equally important. SciQuest’s Total Supplier Manager solution allows an unlimited number of supplier invitations and registrations. Suppliers can register with pertinent information including NAICS codes, diversity classification, biographical information as well as custom information that may be specific to a particular buying organization. With respect to the downstream procurement process, where a buying organization is actually transacting with their preferred suppliers, size isn’t necessarily the most important factor.

Jason Liner is the market director for SciQuest’s healthcare segment and has strategic responsibility for the SciQuest Supplier Network and the relationships with those suppliers.


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