Web eProcurement Software – Purchase Order Software and Requisition Software

For The Professional Buyer with no software to install ….. ever !

Mikrofax eProcurement Software Solutions are designers and developers of eProProcure, a fully hosted complete purchase-to-pay web based eProcurement workflow management and purchasing software system. The latest version of eProProcure, contains all the tools you need to centralize and manage your purchasing operation whether you are running a small business or a dedicated procurement department ; we have the purchase order software for you !

Add value to your purchasing function
Its not just about raising purchase orders to suppliers – You also need to stay on top of badly performing vendors, monitor goods-in, cross-check payments against approvals and ensure those approvals are done by the correct people. eProProcure will aide corporate governance by helping you comply with Sarbanes-Oxley with spend controls and internal audits. The system will support buying teams, approvals against authorized cost codes and existing management hierarchy ; Our technology is second to none ensuring 24/7 up time – Our software is constantly in use around the world ; used by some of the largest and smallest companies ! But the good news is that all of this expertise and technology does not come at an extortionate price – you might be pleasantly surprised at how much a professional system like this from Mikrofax doesn’t cost !

‘eProProcure’ is a trademark of Mikrofax eProcurement Solutions. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are of their respective owners and are hereby acknowledged. No technical descriptions, manuals, movies or screenshots on this web site form a formal specification of our product. Mikrofax Reserve the right to change system specifications without notice.

Please go to mikrofax.com for more details


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