Serbia: Former minister acquitted in army procurement scandal

BELGRADE — The Belgrade District Court acquitted Wednesday former State Union of Serbia and Montenegro Defense Minister Prvoslav Davinić of abuse of office charges.

Davinić and two Serbian Army (VS) officers were acquitted of charges of abuse of office in the procurement of flak jackets and other military equipment in 2005 from the Zenjanin-based company Mile Dragić.
The court determined that the prosecution did not prove that Davinić and officers Jovica Vucković and Milun Kokanović had incurred damages to the state budget by concluding a EUR 176mn agreement between the Mile Dragić company and the VS.

The Prosecutor’s Office has the right lodge an appeal to the Appellate Court in Belgrade, which can verify, alter or annul the verdict, or order a retrial.

Earlier, Davinic was acquitted two times of giving military apartments to members of military police battalion Cobra and to another officer.

He was recently acquitted of charges of giving Montenegro one military boat.

The former minister is also standing trial for arranging a purchase of a spy satellite from an Israeli company.



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