Reminder: Contest on announces the Best Article for summer 2012 contest!

The prize: The new iPad, see it here

The format: Your own article with not more than 700 words, excluding your name and contact details (if you wish) at the bottom.

Language: English

The topics: (any of these)

Procurement management

Innovation in procurement

Cloud procurement 

The way I procure

Green procurement

Talent management in procurement

Procurement’s biggest challenges

Procurement is cool, because…

You may submit one or more article for each topic.

Evaluation criteria: Very simple, the article that received the biggest quantity of views before the deadline will become the winner. In other words, procurement pros evaluate procurement pros.

The deadline for provision of articles: August 30, 2012 – 11:00 am PDT. However, the sooner you provide your article the more are your chances to win. (see Evaluation criteria)

The articles will be published on immediately after submission and in no case later than 12 hours after submission.

Application method: Again simple, click on Contact us page and paste your article in the Comment box providing your name and details.

Country validity criteria: Any country


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