UK Insurance: Government Procurement Service looking to roll out national EU-compliant insurance framework

Currently, there is no national insurance scheme for the public sector in the UK and the Government Procurement Service is working with Pro5 Group to rectify the situation and develop a new national insurance framework by the end of this year.

Pro5 and Government Procurement Service are working together on a number of national framework solutions to aggregate spend and deliver cost savings that benefit the public sector.

The collaboration aims to aggregate insurance spend across the public sector, delivering transparency of costs within the supply chain and cost-effective risk management via access to a range of suppliers.

The final solution aims to facilitate better supplier and market management, with improved management of data and claims information.  It will also be flexible and fully transparent, providing standardised information to create a level playing field for suppliers of all sizes.

“We have established the group with Pro5 to thoroughly research stakeholder requirements and develop a joint offering, which is desperately needed to fill a gap in the sector,” David Pyle, Category Lead Insurance – Government Procurement Service, said. “Engaging with stakeholders early in the development process means that we will deliver a high quality solution, which will be fit for purpose, whilst delivering best value for the taxpayer.”

Feedback from the marketplace has been very positive, involving representatives from NHS, police and local government authorities.  South and West Yorkshire Police authorities have also scrapped plans to implement their own solution in favour of the proposed national agreement.  This will reduce duplication across the organisations, with the solution to cut time and costs associated with procuring services and introduce a consistent approach to the market.

Beverley Nichol-Culff, Head of Risk Management and Insurance at West Yorkshire Police, said: “Our plans were withdrawn as the scope of the national framework is much more comprehensive, covering many fundamental aspects and services which also meet the requirements of the policing community.

“This collaborative approach to the procurement of insurance services between the largest public sector buying organisations, will ensure the market is receiving the right message to deliver both efficiencies and a number of financial benefits for customers within both local government and the wider public sector,” Duncan Spokes, Professional Services Category Lead at Pro 5 added.

Source: eGovMonitor


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