Dealing with vulnerable products and demanding customers, we cannot afford any delays

Edwin Straver, Supply Chain Analyst, explains how Bakker Hillegom deals with a huge amount of daily orders, a short turnaround time of (live product) orders and a tight planning. Soon after implementing SAP, Bakker Hillegom concluded that they needed Every Angle. Because of the vulnerable nature of their products and the high demands of their customers, delays of even a day, or missing certain products would cost Bakker Hillegom a great deal of income. Every Angle gave them back control; it gave them:

– great insight in their short term planning
– control over their master data
– visibility of processes
– flexible reports.

Bakker Hillegom

Bakker Hillegom is the largest mail order garden specialist company in Europe. They have more than 65 years of experience in dispatching high quality flower bulbs, plants and garden equipment. They ship directly to more than 15 million customers in over 20 countries throughout Europe. Annually there are over 4 million orders processed and the maximum capacity is between 45,000 and 50,000 orders per day.

Since Bakker Hillegom is a season-driven organization and ships its products fresh from the field to their customers, time management and order accuracy is of the utmost importance.

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