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Government Contracting Fast Track Program

The most complete and detailed software program designed to guide business owners step-by-step through the government contracting procurement process.

There is nothing fast about the government contracting market. On average, it takes 36 months for a business to lay a foundation in the government market.

What if you had a “Fast Track” process to help you navigate through the government contracting maze?
What if you can cut the average time from 36 months down to 6 or 12 months?

That’s exactly what we’ve done here. We’ve invested over 10,000 man hours of research and development to put together a software program that includes virtually everything you can imagine. We call it the “Government Contracting Fast Track Program”. What would take you years to discover and learn is available now in a simple and easy to use platform.

Features of the Contracting Fast Track Program:
-Step-by-step instructions
-Checklist of tasks to be performed
-Federal Certification guidance for 8a, HUBzone, ED/WOSB, SDVOSB, VOSB, Section 3, etc.
-State & local certification information
-Commercial certification information
-Registration information on, DSBS, ORCA, etc
-Instructions on getting your GSA Schedule
-Benchmarking techniques after successful companies in your industry
-Research strategies on historical data such as previous incumbent & award amount
-Online/cloud based for easy access from anywhere
-Task assignments to teammates
-Interactive with live links and content addition
-Created for your company with multiple users
-Sharing capabilities with your team in real time
-Training courses through videos, Powerpoint, online platforms, etc.
-Sample documents of proposals, capability statements, marketing emails, etc

Components of the Contracting Fast Track Program:
We’ve simplified the Federal contracting process into one concise formula: P+P+P+P=P
The last “P” stands for profit. The other four “P’s” are the phases needed to be successful.

– assessment: discovering if you are ready to do government contracts
– strategy: developing a plan, begin with the end in mind
– education: learning a new language called governese
– registration: getting register in SAM, going after certifications, opportunity registrations, GSA Schedules

– branding: creating an image that speaks to government buyers
– marketing: your message and your method of communications
– relationship: developing key relationships (it’s not who you know but who knows you back)

– opportunities: sourcing opportunities – past awards, current projects & forecasts
– proposal: writing winning proposals and bids

– performance: delivering the product or service
– compliance: contract management and complying to regulations
– closure: closing out the contract appropriately

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Philippine Institute for Supply Management


DoD acquisition process overview

This video is a brief tutorial of the Department of Defense Acquisition Process. It provides its users with a quick understand of what is the DoD Acquisition Process and how it fits into the overall DoD Procurement Process.

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Supplier Relationship Management for Open Accounts

A demonstration showing how suppliers can be managed using the procurement process in the Advanced Business Solutions accounting system.

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Sky Procurement Graduate Programme

Smart, upbeat and always professional. Beth knows procurement inside out. Find out what she has to say

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Procurement Opportunities for Veteran-Owned Businesses


Rudy Ortiz of the Arkansas SBTDC presents a webinar on Procurement Opportunities for Veteran-Owned Businesses.

Regina Edwards

Regina Edwards, Chair, talks about the mission, objectives and current activities of the Institute for Supply Management’s Diversity Committee.

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Global Logistics Technology at VGCC

The Global Logistics Technology program at Vance-Granville Community College in North Carolina prepares students for career opportunities in distribution, transportation and manufacturing organizations. A two-year degree and several certificates are available, with all courses offered online. In this segment from the “Vance-Granville Today” show, meet the program head/instructor and a student, who will offer their insights into this growing career field and the training available at VGCC. For more information, go to .

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